Uber doofus

Behold: The uber doofus

Welcome to the mind and musings of Patrick, writer and general know-it-all. Why uber doofus? My wife says I’m a doofus, and that my doofusness is one of the reasons she fell in love with me. I accept this term of endearment. What’s more, I run with it. If I’m a doofus, I want to be the very best. The uber doofus. Plus, it sounds just dumb enough to get attention. Gotcha.

uber uber uber
uber uber

About me

I’m a former copywriter who’s thrilled to be writing precisely what I want to write without the bother of kick-off meetings, brainstorming sessions, client presentations, good and bad revisions. Repeat.

I graduated from the University of North Texas, where I hooped my way to a master’s degree in journalism with an advertising concentration and a radio/TV/film minor. My undergrad is in English, of course, with a photography minor.

Before, during and after my scholastic education, I received priceless life and work experience that includes coveted positions as landscaper, busboy, dishwasher, miniature golf groundskeeper, car audio installer, electronics technician during a six-year stint in the Navy, copy editor, feature writer, columnist, pool keeper, cabana boy, ditch digger, assistant handy man, aerial photographer, technical writer, Zamboni driver, IT guy and office manager.

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